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Dr. Tamara Wallace

Dr. Tamara Wallace

Director of Student Services
Phone:  (937) 505-2856

Student Services Department

Student Services are a continuum of services and supports designed for children with special needs. Our success is measured by the positive growth in all our students.  Our goal is to prepare all students for college, career, and contributions to our community.

The most effective schools are those that design a system of integrated service delivery models that provide targeted interventions, access to rigorous curriculum, social-emotional learning, and positive behavioral supports.The student services department extends six core beliefs about the students and families that we serve:

  1. All students are equally valuable and have the right to achieve to their greatest potential.    

  2. Collaboration among families and other stakeholders enhances the educational outcomes for all learners. 

  3. Learning is the result of interactions between learners, teachers, parents, and community. 

  4. High-quality education is important if all students are to achieve. 

  5. Appropriately planned/designed interventions delivered with fidelity are provided to all students.

  6. All families want the best educational opportunities for their children. 

Department of Student Services
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