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Vision Statement

One Community: 
Future Ready.


Foster a consistent, collaborative learning culture where each student is engaged, encouraged, and empowered to achieve full potential. 

Values Statement

We are:

Service Oriented

Portrait of a Springfield Graduate

Portrait of a Springfield Graduate  logo shows a graduate who is 1) an effective communicator 2) a collaborator & critical thinker 3) resilient & adaptable 4) financially independent & skillfully employable and 5) a community contributor

The Springfield City School District serves approximately 7,700 students pre-school through grade 12 in a vibrant learning community of 59,500 residents in west-central Ohio. The dedicated and professional staff includes over 500 certificated staff members and approximately 500 support personnel. We serve our students in 17 state of the art buildings.

Our students represent our whole community and we value the racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of our student body. Our academic and extracurricular aim is to ensure academic growth for students at all abilities. We continue to innovate to support personalized, customized learning. While we offer unique options at all grade levels, our middle school and high school students have seen the most striking growth in educational options as we now allow students to blend traditional coursework, on-line coursework, and experiential learning.

Portrait of a Springfield Graduate

  • Effective Communicator

  • Collaborator & Critical Thinker

  • Resilient & Adaptable

  • Financially Independent & Skillfully Employable

  • Community Contributor