Podcast Team

Ron Gordon

Executive Producer

Jenna Leinasars

Co-Host/Content Producer

Chris Wallace

Co-Host/Content Producer

John Wallace

Technical Producer

John Trego

Technical Producer

Cat Chat is the official podcast of the Springfield City School District. Cat Chat celebrates the best of the SCSD -- the successes of our current students and staff, as well as our alumni who are making positive impacts both locally and nationally. Cat Chat also seeks to share with its viewers valuable community resources from our partners who strengthen our District through their shared sense of vision for our students.

Cat Chat is produced monthly by the District's Community Initiatives, Communications & Technology Teams. Cat Chat is available on the Springfield City School District's YouTube channel, as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify & iHeart Radio Podcasts (search for Cat Chat: The Official Podcast of the Springfield City School District).

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Pilot Episode: November 2023