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The mission of the Springfield City School District is to foster a consistent, collaborative learning culture where each student is engaged, encouraged and empowered to achieve full potential.

Craig Myers Headshot

Craig Myers, Ed. D.

Executive Director of Instructional Innovation

Crystal Aker Headshot

Crystal Aker

Coordinator of Research, Assessment & Data

Cory Cox Headshot

Cory Cox

TLPD Software Administrative Secretary

Penny Dixon Headshot

Penny Dixon

Curriculum & Instructional Coordinator for Literacy

Alex Eben Headshot

Alex Eben

Technology Integration Specialist

Matt Kohl Headshot

Matthew Kohl

Social Emotional Learning Coordinator

Gretchen Roberts Headshot

Gretchen Roberts

Administrative Specialist

Kevin Schalnat Headshot

Kevin Schalnat

Curriculum & Instructional Coordinator for Math

The Springfield City School District Portrait of a Teacher was developed in 2023 with the input of several dozen teachers at all levels of education in order to accurately capture what kind of leaders we, as a District, must empower our teachers to be. Click the image below to learn more about these values.

Portrait of a Teacher Image