The Springfield City School District requires all volunteers to attend a training/orientation session if working in any capacity at any site and/or program operated by the District.  Each training session will occur on the last Tuesday of each month and will last approximately two hours.  The training session includes a criminal background check (to be paid by the District).  Photographs for a volunteer identification badge will be taken.  The ID Badge is mailed to the volunteer after all requirements are met.

Requirements for all volunteers are:

1.  A registration form must be completed.  The registration form is provided at the time of training.

2.  Successful completion of the volunteer training provided by the District.

3.  Passage of a criminal background check conducted and paid for by the District.  Please bring identification with you to the training.

4.  A photo ID provided by the District which is to be worn at all times while performing volunteer services within our District.  Your picture will be taken at the training.