Please use the link to access the Springfield City School Policy Manual:

Springfield City School District Board Policies

Click on the "Online Policy Manual" folder to the left side of the screen.  This will show you each folder for each chapter in the manual.  To view the entire Chapter, click on the folder again.  This will show you all of the policies, including the regulations and the exhibits/forms.

Please note that there is an Advanced Search button above the logo.  This button will allow you to search in many different ways for something that you're looking for.  Also, at the end of each policy there are references to the OAC and the ORC.  If you click on the reference number it will take you to the live version of that code.  Any policies cross-referenced can also be clicked on and you will bring up the cross-referenced policy/policies.

Proposed Board Policies
The Board of Education approves current policies, which when applicable, will be posted on the Proposed Policy Changes page.