Special Dietary Needs 

At the time of enrollment, parents are responsible for providing written communication of any special dietary needs of their child, including food allergies, to the District on the required form.  The required form is “Medical Statement For Students Requiring Special Nutritional Needs Due to Disability” which can be obtained at the school or on the website. This form, signed by the doctor, is good until another form is submitted to update the allergy condition or until the form is submitted that the child is no longer allergic. Students with special dietary needs that qualify as disabilities under law are provided reasonable accommodation.

Substitutions to regular school meals provided by the District are made for students who are unable to eat regular school meals due to a qualifying dietary need when that need is certified in writing by the student’s physician on the “Medical Statement For Students Requiring Special Nutritional Needs Due to Disability” form.  Substitute meals are provided in the most integrated setting appropriate to the special needs of the student.

The nature of the student’s qualifying dietary need, the reason this need prevents the student from eating regular school meals (including foods that must be omitted from the student’s diet), the specific diet prescription along with the needed substitution must be specifically stated in the physician’s statement.  The District, in compliance with the USDA Child Nutrition Division guidelines, provides substitute meals to food-allergic students based upon the physician’s signed statement.