Kendall Newell Picture

The Springfield City School District is celebrating the publication of the second children’s book written by Perrin Woods Elementary School Instructional Coach Kendall Newell.

The title of his newest book is called Adversity Road, and its message to children is that everyone is facing an obstacle in life. Although we may not encounter the same obstacles as one another, if we adopt the mindset that we are all walking with adversity, we can develop a strong lens of empathy and compassion for the people around us.

Mr. Newell’s first publication, A Star Upon A Dream, was published in 2021 and emphasizes the importance of uplifting others to follow their dreams, instead of choosing to be discouraging. Meleah Rowland, a third grade student dreams of becoming a zoologist someday. She quickly learns how it feels to be doubted, thus diminishing the light within her. She learns a very important lesson from her father, Charles Rowland, about how he became the shining star he is today.

A Star Upon A Dream was named a recipient of a Literary Titan Book Award.

Both publications are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Congratulations, Mr. Newell!