ATTENTION: Springfield City School District Yearbooks

ATTENTION: Springfield City School District Yearbooks 
Please help the Springfield City School District complete our collection of yearbooks. The goal of the SCSD is to have two (2) copies of each book for the district's permanent collection to be housed in the Media Center at Springfield High School.
The collection begins with 1911. The following list is for our current missing yearbook needs from Springfield High School, Springfield North High School and Springfield South High School. Yearbooks may be delivered to the Superintendent's Office at 1500 West Jefferson Street or the main office of Springfield High School at 701 East Home Road. Thank you for any yearbooks you would be willing to donate to help us complete our collection. 
1954- Wildcat-1 Copy  
1960- Polaris- 2 copies
1962- Wildcat-1 copy
1964- Wildcat- 2 copies
1984- Wildcat- 1 copy
1985- Polaris- 1 copy;  Wildcat- 2 copies
1986- Polaris- 2 copies
1987- Polaris- 1 copy
1989- Wildcat- 1 copy
1992- Polaris- 1 copy
1995- Wildcat- 1 copy
1996- Polaris- 2 copies
1997- Polaris- 1 copy;  Wildcat- 1 copy
2000- Polaris- 2 copies
2001- Polaris- 1 copy