Responsible Reopening Update for October 15, 2020

Responsible Reopening

October 15, 2020

Dear Wildcat Family,

I write to you with an important update regarding semester two (2) selection for virtual or in person learning options. Please note the following to assist you in this process:

  1. Please complete the following survey link for each of your students in order to provide feedback from your learning experience so far this year.
  2. Begin a family discussion to determine which learning model works best for your child.
  3. Consider the following when making your decision:
    1. Does your child excel in a virtual environment?
    2. Does the household parent/guardian work schedule support a virtual option for your child?
    3. Are there any health-related risks that would factor into your decision at this time?
  4. Designate your choice of virtual or in person learning by completing the building survey emailed to parents/guardians on November 2, 2020. Semester two (2) is scheduled from January 4 - May 25, 2021.

The SCSD Team has worked tirelessly to provide a safe and clean working environment. I thank each one of them for their dedication to the children in our District.

In closing, if you are having trouble making this important learning decision for your child, and need additional assistance, please reach out to the building principal or your child’s teacher. Your child’s success, along with the safety of our students, is our number one priority in the Springfield City School District.

Thank you and Go Wildcats!


Robert F. Hill, Ed.D.  

Robert F. Hill, Ed.D.