Responsible Reopening Update for September 11, 2020

Responsible Reopening

September 11, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As we complete our third week of school, I write to provide a brief update based on newly released guidance from Governor DeWine regarding schools, as well as one other item of interest.


Athletic events will continue to be livestreamed on the TKDS Sports Network via the District Facebook page and our District YouTube Channel. In addition, TKDS offers upgraded viewing for games via a subscription service found here.

Due to Northmont’s contract with the NFHS Network, SCSD is not able to stream the Wildcats versus Northmont varsity football game on September 18, 2020. Wildcat fans can purchase a monthly pass from NFHS here to view the game. As always, we will do our best to keep you updated on the top plays and score on our social media channels.


Recently, the District worked with multiple parents regarding concerns about student quarantine for COVID-19 related symptoms. In an effort to address these concerns further, the District worked with the Clark County Combined Health District to revise our policy to allow for a student to return to school after providing documentation of two negative COVID-19 tests at least 24 hours apart.

The revised step-by-step instructions regarding the internal process for a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school building, a suspected contact by a teacher/student/students in a classroom, or student symptoms can be accessed here.

It is important to understand that student quarantine is part of the recommended guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Clark County Combined Health District (CCCHD), and the Ohio Department of Education. By adhering to the guidelines, the District is able to protect our students, families, and staff, as well as remain open to serve our community. However, the SCSD is committed to continually review policies and procedures to better meet the needs of our families.


On September 3, the Ohio Interim Director for Health signed an order to help facilitate timely contact tracing and prevent further transmission of COVID-19. The order requires all schools that provide any kindergarten through grade twelve instruction to maintain a reporting system for parents to report positive tests and/or cases of COVID-19. 

To comply with this requirement, parents/guardians are asked to immediately report all student positive tests and/or cases of COVID-19 to District Lead Nurse, Ashley Wilson, at (937) 505-2830.  

In addition, within twenty-four (24) hours of becoming aware of a student, teacher, staff member, or coach who has tested positive or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, a school shall notify parents or guardians of students of the existence of the case in writing, and share as much information as possible without disclosing protected health information.

Finally, school districts and individual schools are encouraged to use website dashboards to inform the school community of the number of COVlD-19 cases and the number of students and staff isolated or quarantined, if known.

To comply with the Director’s order, SCSD created a template for written communication that will be shared as required and a COVID-19 District Dashboard that can be accessed here.

If questions exist, please contact District Lead Nurse, Ashley Wilson, at (937) 505-2830 or the CCCHD at (937) 390-5600. Thank you for helping to keep people safe and to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community and school.


Clark Early Learning Center  

The updated active working draft of the SCSD Responsible Reopening Plan can be accessed here for your reference and I encourage you to frequently visit our Responsible Reopening page here for updates.

In closing, I am reminded of the words of author John Mark Green who said, “You are not the darkness you endured. You are the light that you refused to surrender.” Keep being the light Springfield. 

Go Cats!


Robert F. Hill, Ed.D.  

Robert F. Hill, Ed.D.