Responsible Reopening Update for August 21, 2020

Responsible Reopening

August 21, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Here we are! Just a few short days away from the staggered start schedule of the first days of school for 2020-21. The District has been cleared for athletic competition by the Governor, the classrooms are stocked with cleaning supplies, teachers have organized their rooms and attended hours of professional development. But, even with all of the plan in place, there is something very important missing...we need our STUDENTS! Please continue to read updates carefully and in their entirety. To successfully begin the school year, we must wear our masks, we must social distance, we must help one another and care more than we ever have before.

As you are likely aware, Clark County moved from level two to level three on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System yesterday. In a call with the Clark County Combined Health District (CCCHD) this morning, I was advised that they continue to support the responsible reopening of our schools throughout the county. A major contributing factor to the change in level is linked to outbreaks in multiple congregate living settings (i.e. assisted living centers) over the past two weeks.


As stated above, the Springfield Wildcats have been cleared to compete! With more than five pages of new rules and regulations, the SCSD Athletic Office is working day and night to prepare for the first games that begin next week! In order to manage all of the regulations and due to the fact that renovations have not been completed at Evans Stadium, all Wildcat middle school football games will take place in the Springfield High School Stadium. In addition, all middle school volleyball games will take place in the Springfield High School Gymnasium. 

There will be limitations on ticket sales, seating availability, and concessions. In addition and due to state regulations and capacity limits, passes will not be honored. Further, limitations exist for the number of students that may travel to away games and the number of family members that may watch students compete in person. Please remember that we wanted a season and we promised that we would be supportive no matter what to get there! The District will livestream as many events as possible for your viewing pleasure at home. Thank you for your patience in advance and Go Cats!


In an effort to better serve our families and to limit the amount of printed materials, each of our SCSD families will receive an email from DocuSign to view and sign the following forms:

DocuSign Forms Include:

  • Student Responsible Use Policy / Agreement Signature
  • Military Service Questionnaire - Opt-out instructions for OnCourse parents will be sent in a separate communication. 
  • Clark County Combined Health District Release of Information - Opt-out instructions for OnCourse parents will be sent in a separate communication.

Please note that the DocuSign form must be signed prior to your student receiving a District-owned device.

In addition, the following information can be accessed on the District website:

  • Student Handbook
  • School Year Calendar

Please provide all updated contact information (i.e. address, phone, email) to your school building or Central Registration at


Updates to general building cleaning information can be accessed here.


In order to serve our students who enrolled in the OnCourse virtual school option, the District received permission from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to distribute five (5) breakfast and five (5) lunch meals per week to each student. 

Beginning August 26, food distribution will be held each Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Parents or guardians may pick up student meals based on the home school of residence at the following locations:

  • The District Service Center, 651 East Home Rd.
    • Horace Mann
    • Lagonda
    • Simon Kenton
    • Snowhill
    • Warder Park
    • Roosevelt
    • Schaefer
    • Springfield High School
  • The School of Innovation, 601 Selma Rd.
    • Fulton
    • Kenwood
    • Lincoln
    • Perrin Woods
    • Snyder Park
    • Hayward
    • The School of Innovation

Students do not have to be present to receive meals.


Families may continue submitting new questions to for quick answers from the District. Questions and answers will be added to our FAQ document on an ongoing basis. As a reminder, the FAQ document may be accessed here.


All in-person and virtual kindergarten students must register via the school website here and schedule a screening appointment by calling the assigned school of residence. Screening dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday, August 26
  • Thursday, August 27
  • Friday, August 28

To support our kindergarten students in adjusting to school routines and building layout, the District utilizes a staggered start approach for the first three days of school. This approach allows our teachers to have smaller groups of students with them the first two days to introduce them to school. The entire class attends on the third day.

  • Tuesday, September 1 - Students with last names A-L 
  • Wednesday, September 2 - Students with the last names M-Z
  • Thursday, September 3 - All kindergarten students in attendance


As indicated last week, OnCourse virtual students can find daily expectations here. Students and families are encouraged to look for an electronic communication from classroom teachers soon. 

For your reference, fall teaching and learning plans may be found here:

Please note that the recommended time allotment for individual subjects may change based on scheduling and to best meet the needs of the student and teacher. 


Applications for preschool enrollment are now being accepted through Central Registration using the Preschool Enrollment button found here. To apply, preschool parents must complete the Gateway Registration information found on the District website, as well as turn in the preschool information packet found here to the Clark Early Learning Center.

Students who attended the SCSD Clark Early Learning Center preschool program last year are not required to apply again.

In order to ensure proper social distancing regulations provided by the State of Ohio, preschool will begin the school year at a 9:1 student ratio. Students will attend a full day, in-person  program two (2) days per week. The school day will begin at 8:45am and end at 3:15pm. Students will be assigned to either a Monday and Wednesday cohort (Group A)  or a Tuesday and Thursday cohort (Group B).  Teachers will call parents to let them know which cohort their child is assigned. The revised start is as follows:

  • September 8 - Group B
  • September 9 - Group A
  • September 10 - Group B
  • September 11 - No students in attendance


The following District website contains multiple resources to assist in effective remote learning, including helpful tips to get started in Google Classroom and Google Meet:

Parent and Student Remote Learning Toolkit 


Adjusting to new policies and procedures can be challenging for our youngest students and sometimes, the older ones too! The Board of Education approved a staggered student start to school. The board-approved revised start is as follows:

  • August 26 - All students grade 9; Students with last names A-L grades 1-8
  • August 27 - All students grades 10 -12; Students with last names M-Z grades 1-8
  • August 28 - All students grades 1-12


Registration is now open to participate in the SCSD School Age Child Care (SACC) program. Parents may find forms and other helpful materials here


Student device distribution information for both Oncourse virtual students and in person students may be accessed here.

It is very important that families pick up their student device on the assigned day. Students will be considered absent if they do not log into Google Classroom each day beginning on Wednesday, August 26.

Back to school forms sent via DocuSign must be completed in order to be issued a District device.


All students in grades K-12 in the Springfield City School District are required to wear a mask in alignment with the order from the Ohio Director of Health. There are exceptions to the mask wearing requirement that include medical conditions, respiratory conditions that restrict breathing, mental health conditions, or a disability. In order for the District to make an exception to the mask requirement parents/guardians must present a medical excuse from a primary caregiver. The District understands that we serve a diverse student population with a variety of unique needs. Parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate with teachers in regard to your child’s specific needs. 

Students whose families  have chosen the OnCourse full virtual option for their students with disabilities or gifted services will receive services virtually. This includes therapies, behavior services, mental health, and the support of an intervention specialist. 

Today’s video update highlights the information found in the parent update. 

Please continue to visit for the latest updates.

Next week, we will welcome our students back in the classrooms and online. We will do our very best to provide the education they deserve, in the safest environment we have to offer,  that makes learning fun as we create memories they will not soon forget.


Robert F. Hill, Ed.D.  

Robert F. Hill, Ed.D.