• Meet Our District Team


    The Springfield City School District leadership team, headed by Superintendent Dr. Robert Hill, is comprised of 10 department directors. All directors operate with the same vision in mind -- to create a work and learning environment that lead to the success of our ONE Wildcat Family. 

  • Jenn Bogenrife

    Director of Student Services

    Jenn Bogenrife Headshot


    Todd Buck

    Director of Secondary Education

    Todd Buck Headshot


    Nicole Cottrell

    District Treasurer

    Nicole Cottrell Headshot


    Michelle 'MJ' Jones

    Executive Director of Human Capital

    Michelle Jones Headshot


    Kristen Kettlehake

    Director of Teaching, Learning & PD

    Kristen Kettlehake Headshot

  • Cherie Moore

    Director of Communications

    Cherie Moore Headshot


    Ken Pack

    Director of Technology 

    Ken Pack Headshot


    Heidi Shanor

    Director of Elementary Education

    Heidi Shanor Headshot


    Dr. Pamela Shay

    Director of Federal Programs

    Pamela Shay Headshot


    Amy Stacy

    Director of Community Initiatives

    Amy Stacy Headshot