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    Welcome to the Springfield City Schools Food and Nutrition Services Department where we inspire our students to learn positive eating habits. We strive to offer well-balanced meals, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, while developing healthy minds and bodies. 

    The Food and Nutrition Services Department is made up of a team of seventy food and nutrition professionals that are dedicated to students of the Springfield City School District. We proudly prepare and serve over 1,500,000 meals per year to the children of our school district. We support learning by promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.


    For the 2020-2021 School Year Springfield City Schools is participating in the Community Eligibility Program which offers all students no cost breakfast and lunches regardless of the families income   

    Payment on Account

    The Food and Nutrition Department has a computerized student meal accounting system which allows parents the option of placing money on each students account for snacks and a la carte items.  The money is placed on the students account, then, as they choose snacks or a la carte items, the cost of these items will be subtracted from the balance, allowing the student to purchase additional items until the account reaches zero. If a parent wants to remove the excess amount from a student's account, the parent can fill out a request and the treasurer’s office will issue a refund check. For safety and accountability reasons, we are not permitted to hand cash back to the students or their families.

    We accept cash, money orders and bank checks, however we do not accept personal checks. 

    Charge Policy

    Since we serve no cost breakfast and lunches, we have a no charge policy in all schools. Snacks and a la carte items may not be charged to the students account.


    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  Breakfast does improve learning, nutrition and weight status!  Children who eat breakfast may benefit from improved cognitive function, memory, test scores and attendance.  Please be reminded if your child is a walker and you want him/her to eat breakfast they should arrive at school at least 15 to 20 minutes before the late bell rings.

    Students with Special Dietary Needs 

    At the time of enrollment, parents are responsible for providing written communication of any special dietary needs of their child, including food allergies, to the District on the required form.  The required form is “Medical Statement For Students Requiring Special Nutritional Needs Due to Disability” which can be obtained at the school or on the website. This form, signed by the doctor, is good until another form is submitted to update the allergy condition or until the form is submitted that the child is no longer allergic. Students with special dietary needs that qualify as disabilities under law are provided reasonable accommodation.

    Substitutions to regular school meals provided by the District are made for students who are unable to eat regular school meals due to a qualifying dietary need when that need is certified in writing by the student’s physician on the “Medical Statement For Students Requiring Special Nutritional Needs Due to Disability” form.  Substitute meals are provided in the most integrated setting appropriate to the special needs of the student.

    The nature of the student’s qualifying dietary need, the reason this need prevents the student from eating regular school meals (including foods that must be omitted from the student’s diet), the specific diet prescription along with the needed substitution must be specifically stated in the physician’s statement.  The District, in compliance with the USDA Child Nutrition Division guidelines, provides substitute meals to food-allergic students based upon the physician’s signed statement.

    District Wellness Policy                               

    The Food and Nutrition Services had developed a Wellness Policy to promote the health and wellness of the Springfield City School District Students.  The Wellness Guidelines are reviewed annually and updated to meet the current regulations. Policy and Guidelines attached below. 

    • All items on the regular lunch menu, including French fries, are baked not fried. 
    • Healthy snack and beverage machines are located in the high school cafeterias. 
    • Fresh salads are available for students each day as an alternate to the regular plate lunch.  
    • Total fat content must be less than 30% of calories, with less than 10% of the calories from saturated fat.  
    • We encourage our students and staff to eat a variety of grains, fruits and vegetables daily. 

    Healthy eating helps children to grow, develop and do well in school.  Healthy eating helps to prevent childhood and adolescent health problems such as obesity and diabetes, it also lowers the risk of future health problems such as heart disease, strokes and cancer.  Healthy Eating habits begin at home..  

    For questions, comments or concerns about the Wellness Guidelines or if you are interested in joining the School Health Advisory Council please contact:

    Jerri Arthur: Email Arthurjl@scsdoh.org or call 937-505-2870.   

    "This institution is an equal opportunity provider."


    Contact Information:

    Jerri Arthur, DTR, SNS

    Supervisor of Food & Nutrition Services
    651 E. Home Rd.
    Springfield, Ohio 45503
    Phone: 937-505-2870








    Lunch choices change every day and are age appropriate according to the USDA requirements for balanced nutrition. 

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