• Research Requests

    Thank you for your interest in conducting research in the Springfield City School District! Our district highly values research for its ability to improve education as well as aid future generations of students and educators.

    All research which involves Springfield students, parents, and/or district personnel, or the sharing of data regarding these individuals, must be pre-approved by the district.

    The first step of the process is the submission of four documents:

    (1) Research Proposal and all supporting documentation

    (2) Background Check

    (3) institutional review board (IRB) approval (if applicable)

    (4) Statement of Agreement

    These documents must be submitted electronically to the district’s Coordinator of Assessment, Accountability, and Research who will begin the review process. This review will typically last from one to two weeks, but may be longer, depending on the study, district breaks, and other factors such as the intensity of the current district initiatives.  We recommend that you review Springfield's Research Agenda, Research Guidelines, and Consent and Assent Guidance prior to preparing the required documents for submission.