Work Permits


    The Springfield City Board of Education will only issue work permits to those students who are currently enrolled in the Springfield City School District and have completed the work permit sections listed below:  

    Section 1: Student/Applicant information filled out by the student and signed by a parent or legal guardian.

    Section 2: Pledge of the Employer - To be filled out by the employer.

    Verify the Days, Hours, and Start/Stop times have been indicated along with the Employer’s Tax ID number.

    Section 3: Physician’s Certificate for Minor Work Permit - To be completed by a physician or you may bring a copy of a school sports physical, effective within the last calendar year.

    Students or parents may bring the completed application with the applicant's birth certificate, driver’s license or State ID to one of the following Springfield City School District buildings to obtain the work permit.



    Contact Number


    Springfield High School

    701 E. Home Rd. Springfield, OH 45503


    M-F August - June 8:00am - 4:00pm

    School of Innovation

    601 Selma Rd. Springfield, OH 45505


    M-F August - June 8:00am - 4:00pm

    The Dome 

    700 S. Limestone St. Springfield, OH 45505


    All year M-F 8:00am - 4:00pm

    If you have questions, please contact the Registration Office at 505-2828.


    If you are working a summer job that will start after school closes in June, and will terminate before school starts in the fall, no work permit is required; however, your employer may request one.  Even though the permit is not required, completion of the Parent/Guardian Consent form, along with proof of age and a statement signed by your parent or guardian consenting to the proposed employment during the summer, is required.

    Applications will be available throughout the summer for jobs that will extend past the start of school.

    Any questions concerning State of Ohio Wage and Hour laws or forms, please go to their website at

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