Stated below are Sections of Laws regarding parents and students on truancy-unexcused absence-excessive absence-failure to send child to school.

    Failure to Send Children to School.  Section 3321.38(A) Ohio Revised Code:  No parent, guardian, or other person having care of a child of compulsory school age (6-18) shall violate the Revised code in Ohio.  The court may require a person convicted to give bond in the sum of $100.00 with sureties to the approval of the court, conditioned that he will cause the child to attend school as required by law.  When a person having care of a child has tried unsuccessfully to keep the child in school, that person has the right to file unruly charges against their child.  Unruly charges can be filed through the Clark County Juvenile Courts – call 937-521-1600.

    Students on probation through Juvenile court will be charged with violation of probation if student misses excessive days.  (4 days or more)  Parents can be charged with contributing to the unruliness of a minor by not sending their child to school, for which the Court may impose a fine in an amount of not more than $1,000.00 and/or a jail sentence of up to six (6) months.  This statute is a misdemeanor and each day absent is a separate offense.  Section 2151.41.


    1. Disposition of unruly child (Section 2151.354)
    2. Placed on probation
    3. Driver license suspension
    4. If unruliness continues, can be treated as delinquent
    5. Disposition of Delinquent Child (2151.355)
    6. Charged with delinquency
    7. Placed on probation
    8. Driver license suspended
    9. Fine of up to $50.00

    Please note: Any one combination can occur

    Clark County Welfare Department:  A child on public assistance or any other (6-18) must attend school on a regular basis.  Excessive absence will result in the school’s requesting Children Services to investigate the case for neglect.

    The school district will initiate legal action against any parent or guardian who shall in any way mislead any school authorities regarding illegal student absences by providing fraudulent excuses for students, conveying inaccurate information to school authorities, or obstructing in any manner an investigation by school attendance officers.


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