• 60 Day Affidavit Process

    Enrollment of Student by Non-Custodial Parent/Guardian:

    A copy of court documentation indicating legal proceedings for custody/guardianship has been initiated must be provided at the time of registration.

    A sworn statement indicating legal proceedings have been initiated must be signed and notarized.  Upon receipt of this sworn statement and a copy of court documentation, a 60 Day Affidavit will be issued allowing the student to be enrolled.

    All forms pertaining to enrollment are required at this time:

    Child's Information:

    • Certified Birth Record or Passport
    • Immunization Record
    • IEP and MFE (for Speical Education only); 504 Plan
    • Withdrawal information/report card from previous school (if available)


    • Proof of Residency - one of the following:
      • Utility Bill (Electric, Gas, Trash, or Cable) within the last 60 days
      • Lease Agreement
      • Mortgage Statement
    • Valid Driver's License / Photo I.D.

    Once all of the above has been completed and received, the Attendance Deptartment will issue an admittance card, allowing child to enter a Springfield City School building for a period of 60 days.

    A copy of all court documentation must be provided to Springfield City School District, Attendance Dept., 1500 W. Jefferson St., Springfield, Ohio 45506.

    If court documentation, and/or a letter from an attorney indicating status of the process has not been received prior to the 60th day, you will be responsible for tuition due from the date of student enrollment, and the student will be withdrawn and returned to his/her resident school district.

    We will work with you as much as possible, but these steps must be completed first.

    Our main objective is to have your student receive an education.

    Important Information about Gaining Custody or Guardianship of Minor Children

    Under Ohio Law, married parents of children born during the marriage are the custodians of the children unless:

    1. A court has issued a custodial order naming one of the parents, or someone else, the legal custodian of the children
    2. A probate division of the common pleas court has named a third party as the children's guardian.

    Children born to an unmarried mother are in the legal custody of the mother unless a court has issued a custodial order or an order of guardianship for the children.

    Grandparent Power of Attorney:  Ohio has a temporary process to allow children to reside with a grandparent when the parents are unable to care for the children.  The law specifically states this process can not be used to shop for a different school district.

    The process to file for a Grandparent Power of Attorney for a minor child is supervised by Judge Joseph Monnin in the Juvenile Section of the Domestic Relations Division of the Common Pleas Court of Clark County, Ohio (Clark County Juvenile Court).  Packets containing forms for this process are available at the clerk's counter in the Clark County Juvenile Court, 101 E. Columbia St., Springfield, Ohio 45502, (937) 521-1600.

    Guardianship:  The process to create a guardianship over a minor child and his/her assets is overseen and supervised by Judge Richard Carey in the Probate Division of the Clark County Common Pleas Court, 50 E. Columbia St., Springfield, OH 45502, (937) 521-1845.  Clark County Probate Division

    Custody Order:  Married or divorcing parents who need to secure a custody order for their child(ren) can do so by filing a complaint for custody in the Adult Section of the Domestic Relations Division of the Clark County Common Pleas Court.

    Unmarried parents can file a complaint for custody for a minor child in the Juvenile Section of the Clark County Common Pleas Court.  Each child must have a separate complaint filed on his/her behalf in the Juvenile Court.

    Persons who need assistance in processing court cases are encouraged to secure the advice of an attorney.  Employees in the courts are not allowed to give legal advice.  You may call the Clark County Law Library for a lawyer referral at 937-521-1721.



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