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     Springfield City School District has a NEW wellness program designed to assist you in creating and exceeding your own personal health goals.


    Program runs September 1, 2017-August 31, 2018


     SCSD Wellness Program

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Together is more fun
  • Together is More Fun!

    • Community blogs and events
    • Journaling private and shared
    • Nutritional tracking and weight loss
    • Buddy Activities and discussion groups
    • Weekly articles and health goals
    • Earn points and rewards


  • Nutrition and Life Classes

    Classes are filled with fun facts and personal assessments that provide individual goal setting.

    • Life Classes: focus on topics such as stress, finance, time-management and more.
    • Nutrition Classes: will explore healthy carbs, lower cholesterol, snacks, etc.
    • Resources, links, and educational tips provided!
  • Fitness Challenges

    Engaging team and individual fitness challenges will keep you motivated toward your own health goals!

    • Climb Mt. Everest
    • Hike to Hawaii
    • Walk your virtual dog
    • Just to name a few fun of our challenges!