SCSD will accept donated equipment with the following minimum configuration:


    Apple or Windows-based Desktops or Laptops

    • minimum of a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor 
    • minimum of 4.0 GB RAM
    • minimum of Apple O/S 10.12 or Windows 10


    Other Equipment

    • iPad - (No Airs) minimum wifi with 32GB
    • Laser printers, must be networkable, no inkjets
    • Projectors (2500+ lumens)
    • Document Cameras
    • Interactive Whiteboards (brand: SmartBoard)


    Process To Donate

    • Anyone wishing to donate equipment, or District staff receiving donations, should call the Technology Department at 505-4351. Ask to speak with Stacy Parr about donating equipment. Please Note: If you have a preferred school where you wish your donation to go, we will honor your request. Otherwise, we will deploy your donation where we believe it will benefit children the most.
    • (Crowd funding guideline coming soon)
    • Donated equipment must be shipped to:
      Service Center
      651 E. Home Road
      Springfield, Ohio 45503
      (937) 505-4351
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 505-4351


    Donations will be submitted for acceptance to the Springfield City School District Board of Education.  If accepted, donated equipment will be given a District property Asset Tag, delivered to the destination site and placed into service.  Our students greatly appreciate your help!!