Resident Educator Mentor Program

    Our Resident Educator Mentoring Program is a four-year mentoring experience that provides Ohio's newest educators with ongoing support and guidance.


    We Provide:


    • One-on-one meetings with mentor
    • Guidance in setting and tracking SMART Goals
    • Frequent observations
    • Opportunities for co-teaching
    • Responsive professional development
    • Modeling
    • Guidance and professional development through the Resident Educator Summative Assessment Process
    • Newsletters explaining new teaching techniques or emphasizing district initiatives


    • Monthly opportunities to collaborate with other teachers in the same cohort and grade band
    • Collaborate with mentor to work through problems and questions about district initiatives, the art of teaching, and logistics
    • Connection with other experienced teachers throughout the district


    • Social events designed to connect new teachers to each other and the community
    • Connection through mentors with community resources
    • Facilitation of connection with teachers across grade levels and subject areas



    Program Overview

    Cohort 1-

    • One-to-one mentoring (weekly)
    • Professional Development with Cohort (monthly)
      • Classroom Management
      • Lesson Planning
      • Differentiation
      • Formative Instructional Practice
      • Assessment
    • Informal, non-evaluative observations with mentor (ongoing)
    • Guided lesson reflection
    • Mentor-supported SMART Goals (2)



    Cohort 2-

    • One-to-one mentoring (weekly, adjusted as needed)
    • Professional Development with Cohort (monthly)
      • RESA Prep
      • Student Ownership of Learning Targets
      • Advanced Differentiation
      • Assessment-driven instruction
    • Mentor-supported SMART Goals

    Formal instructional cycle, including videotape and analysis of lesson


    Helpful Documents





    Cohort 3- 

    • One-to-one mentoring (monthly, adjusted as needed)
    • RESA Process Professional Development
    • Technology Support and Connection
    • Mentor-supported SMART Goal
    • Open Lab Work Time
    • Complete all RESA Tasks



     Cohort 4-

    • One-to-one mentoring (monthly or quarterly depending on RESA Completion)
    • Informal, non-evaluative observations with mentor
    • Learn to Lead Retreat/Seminar (7 hours in the Fall)
    • Learn to Lead Showcase (2 hours in the Spring)
    • Leadership Action Plan (Created and implemented)


    More information can be found at OHIO RESA.

  • Events

     Other events sponsored by the Resident Educator Program:


    Fall Tailgate Party
    Program Completion Dinner
    Holiday Open House at the Heritage Center
    Spring Game Night





    Who to Contact

    Pre-Kindergarten-6th Grade                                                                  7th-8th Grade

    Elizabeth Frueh                          Nancy Seeberg                                    Laura Wailes                                                                                                Phone: (937)505-2829                 Phone:(937)505-2938                           Phone: (937)505-2939
    E-mail fruehea@scsdoh.org          E-mail seebergne@scsdoh.org                 E-mail wailesle@scsdoh.org  


    9th-12th Grade, Intervention Specialist

    Bill Parker                                      Kathryn Richison                                                                                                                                                     Phone: (937)505-2937                     Phone: (937)505-2827
    E-mail parkerwa@scsdoh.org            E-mail richisonkj@scsdoh.org