• Employment Opportunities

    Thank you for your interest in working with Springfield City School District.  Springfield employs both full and part time regular employees as well as substitutes for virtually all positions.

    Individuals seeking employment must submit an application electronically using the link below.  Candidates must have a complete and submitted application to be considered.  Please note that the Springfield City School District does not accept any application materials submitted on paper or via email to individuals in the Human Resources department. We are available to assist with online applications Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, with a courtesy call.  Applicants must pass all background checks and have all appropriate licensure for the specific position.




    Considering Employment as a Substitute?

    Substitute work represents an opportunity to try education as a possible career or as a part-time opportunity. Flexible schedules can work around family obligations, classes and other jobs. An automated assignment system makes it possible to schedule substitute jobs in advance.


    Can I be a substitute teacher?

    If you have a four-year degree from an accredited college or university the answer is YES.  Candidates who successfully complete the application and interview process will then need to obtain a substitute teaching certificate from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). The daily sub rate is $86.00 per day.


    How do I sub for other positions?

    For all other positions, qualified candidates must have a high school diploma or GED. Substitute Classroom Aides must acquire an aide permit from the Ohio Department of Education.


    For more information go to the  ODE Substitute License page.


    I'm interested in Coaching Athletics and Student Activities.

    Coaching or pupil activity permits are required for individuals who will direct, supervise or coach a student activity program that involves athletics, routine or regular physical activity or activities with health and safety considerations. All applicants must pass all background checks, complete required training and obtain a Pupil Activity Validation certificate from the Ohio Department of Education.

    For more information please go to the  ODE Coaching and Permit page.


    Current openings can be viewed here:  http://www.applitrack.com/springfieldcity/onlineapp/



    Equal Opportunity Employer

    Drug Free Workplace

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    Classified Sub Positions Hourly Rate:

    Bus Aide $10.00

    Bus Driver $14.50

    Cafeteria Security Aide $10.00

    Classroom Aide $10.00

    Clerical $10.00

    Custodian/Maintenance $10.00

    Food Service $10.00

    Library Technician $10.00

    Security Technician $10.00