• Maintenance Department

    Our Mission - "A comfortable, clean, pleasant and energy efficient learning environment for the students, staff and parents."

    The Maintenance Department of the Springfield City Schools is currently responsible for maintaining 10 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 1 preschool, Administrative facility, 1 high school, and 1 alternative school.  Springfield has been privileged to have all newer schools, thanks to the monies from the Ohio State Facilities Commission and the support from the taxpayers of Springfield.  

    There are many responsibilities involved in maintaining district equipment, the buildings, grounds, stadiums, etc.  Some of our work is directly noticeable, such as snow removal and lawn care, while the vast majority of our work is accomplished ‘behind the scenes’. These include tasks such as changing air filters, performing routine maintenance on equipment, fixing broken locks, ordering and delivering supplies and equipment to building sites, repairing plumbing issues, replacing bulbs/ballasts – all things that contribute toward providing a safe, comfortable learning environment for our students.  Springfield City Schools’ Maintenance Department is directly responsible for maintaining approximately 52,000 items in new facilities.

    For information regarding building rentals, please call Leann Yancey at (937) 505-2847. 

    Questions regarding building facilities, please call:

    John Parrish

    Supervisor of Maintenance          

     (937) 505-2848


    Chris Bowen

    Assistant Custodial Supervisor

    Ph. (937) 505-2846


    Marcie Hobson

    Secretary Custodial/Maintenance

    Ph. (937)  505-2844


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