• Health Services

    The mission of the Springfield City School District's health services team is to actively collaborate with families, students, staff and community resources in order to promote the health and well being of every child.

    Our district employs Registered Nurses who rotate between assigned schools.

    School Nurses:

    • Are Bachelor's prepared Registered Nurses.
    • Are licensed as a School Nurse through the Ohio Department of Education.
    • Adhere to laws and rules of the Ohio Board of Nursing and the professional standards of the National Association of School Nurses.


When to Stay Home Diagram



    Nurse/Email  School Telephone Number
    Julie Coppess  Snowhill Clinic 505-4406  
    Ellen Guenther  SHS Clinic 505-4316  
    Vanessa Gueth  Horace Mann Clinic 505-4283  
    guethvr@scsdoh.org  Schaefer Clinic 505-4394  
    Bethanne Linden Kenwood  Clinic 505-4223  
    lindenbn@scsdoh.org Lincoln Clinic 505-4261  
    Mandy Hatton  Lagonda Clinic 505-4248  
    hattonmj@scsdoh.org  Warder Park/Wayne Clinic 505-4442  
       SOI Clinic 505-4121  
    Jennifer Miller  Snyder Park Clinic 505-4428  
    millerjd@scsdoh.org  Fulton Clinic 505-4161  
    Jessica Salyers  SHS Clinic 505-4316  
    salyersjl@scsdoh.org  Clark Clinic 505-4179  
    Pam Smith Hayward Clinic  505-4189  
    smithpl@scsdoh.org Perrin Woods Clinic 505-4297  
    Kelsey Whitehead Kenton Clinic 505-4208  
    Whiteheadke@scsdoh.org Roosevelt Clinic 505-4371  
    Ashley Wilson High School Office 505-2830  
    wilsonam@scsdoh.org Special Needs Nurse