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  • Welcome from the Principal . . .

    Welcome to Simon Kenton Elementary School – Home of the Colts! We are looking forward to an exciting and successful school year. We have prepared this handbook so that we may increase communication and understanding among the students, parents and staff.

    Learning is our number one priority at Simon Kenton. We want to ensure that your child will learn in an environment that is safe and orderly for all students. At Simon Kenton, we believe that school should be a safe place to learn where the purpose of discipline is to ensure safety, foster responsibility and promote mutual respect. We ask for your support in upholding the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook to ensure that all students are safe, respected and have a sense of responsibility for their actions and choices so that we may provide your child with a rewarding and enriching learning experience. Our wish is that our students will have an excellent school year that is free of disciplinary issues.

    We believe that parents and families play a critical role in their child’s education. We look forward to working with you to ensure success for your child. We welcome all parents to volunteer any extra time they might have. You are always welcome at Simon Kenton!

    Please take the time to review the information in this handbook with your child. Be sure to complete, sign and return the Student Handbook Certification and Computer Network Agreement Form to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

    We look forward to a productive year!

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