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    Welcome to a school year of great learning at Perrin Woods! I hope you’re ready to work hard and set new academic goals. Your learner will have a greater chance of achieving academic standards for their grade level if they follow these three Perrin Woods guidelines; come to school on time every day, follow school rules, and do their best thinking and learning.

    Perrin Woods Elementary is an “Asset Building” school. The Developmental Assets are a set of 40 common sense, positive experiences and qualities that help influence choices children and youth make and help them become caring, responsible, successful adults. Based on more than four decades of research on youth development, these assets paint a picture of the positive things young people need to grow into competent, capable, caring, and healthy people. Because of its basis in youth development, resiliency, prevention research and its proven effectiveness, the Developmental Assets framework has become one of the most widely used approaches to positive youth development in the United States. Relationships are the basis for building assets. We know there is a strong correlation between asset building and academic and life success. For more information on the 40 assets go to

    The parent community partnership continues to expand with more opportunities to be involved in the Perrin Woods School and community. We congregate bi-monthly to develop meaningful strategies that focus on connecting families, neighbors, and the faith community. The results have led to a monthly community meal sponsored by over 15 neighboring churches, Book of the Month readers share their love of reading with students, as our Dad's Club team tutor students, positive male interactions are formed, and our community garden focuses on growing healthy food and healthy relationships! Join us as we create an affirming environment of connecting and caring.

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